Sunday, February 7, 2016

HH Baby Boy Quilt Commission Summer 2015, 2nd BQ commission by Denise

Done using a commercial panel called Urban Zoology. Really fun motifs, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this.

 photo f6b249b2-9492-47d9-8d5f-f4d19eb78315_zpsvsmaconc.jpg

  photo P1120031_zps0qqgsuyz.jpg

Individual blocks, fabrics were charming & good fun.

 photo P1120033_zpsxfqvgllk.jpg  

 photo P1120093_zpsib9q6bvr.jpg


 photo P1120094_zpslkmsibpp.jpg


 photo P1120089_zpssg6hk5fu.jpg

A corner inscription block, deliberately askew.

 photo P1120034_zpstwipib3n.jpg

A view of the back, a fun fabric, spotted in the shop by a friend.

 photo P1120164_zpsprxjylle.jpg

On a park bench outside in natural light.

 photo P1120171_zpsoaqeraoc.jpg