Friday, October 28, 2016

Radical Pink

Radical Pink, squares playing with gingham check

Sometimes fabrics end up together as sheer happenstance.  It’s up to us to notice these happy accidents & make good use of them. 

I was coming home from a Quilter’s Guild meeting with a fresh collection of scraps.  One fabric literally fell on top of another & I noticed it & admired the combination.  It was a light gray blue & pink paisley print which fell on top of a pink & white gingham check.  These looked so nice together & I liked the squares motif in combination with a gingham check (a woven).

Sometimes fabrics let you know clearly when they wish to play together; so I tend to give this type of design play wide berth.  It’s invariably productive, even if I don’t know where it’s going at the time.

The backing fabric is this beautifully muted pastel wash. At first I thought it a garish print, but after working with it I’d come to realize it was a wonderfully modulated piece. 

Finished off with my favorite binding a reversible one.  This one is a tiny purple print on the front & turquoise blue print on the backside’s binding.

Let’s see if I can post a picture which shows the binding’s two sides.

Turned out to be a nice experiment, I enjoyed it more than I expected.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fuschia Liberty & Shirting Friends

These fabrics were given to me at my Quilt Guild by the Service Committee, asking that I do something with them.

This first group is shirtings

The central block here is a Liberty of London print, a finer gauge woven of lighter weight, more finely woven cotton fabric than the Shirtings.

I don’t know that other folks would even Quilt with these materials. But they're donated to our Guild, so recognizing how fortunate that is, I am grateful.

Trying out various arrangements against a Mocha colored piece of Kona cotton.

The Featured Print this Fuchsia colored Liberty print with this cream colored pigment printed overlay.  It's a complex fabric with a woven Indian Madras-type plaid, intensely colored, finely woven cotton.

Just moving the fabrics around, getting used to seeing them together.

In hindsight, after this quilt is done, I can see this kind of design exploration play led me to the checkerboard border around this quilt.

For me, this kind of play is always useful & constructive.

Again, moving things around in the border by sections, I came upon a nice arrangement which transitioned smoothly from one group of colors to another & moved the Viewer's eye around the perimeter of the Quilt.

Next, the back, pieced from a lovely blue print a quilting colleague shared with me, seeing how much better it blended with my project than hers, she offered me the fabric.

Pieced together around a block of the Featured Print from the front, with some more checkerboard for good measure; once I made it I liked it & found it fun to use & see.

Here is the Quilt in final form after bindings were put on.  I am very satisfied with this Quilt & how it came out.  I learned a lot doing it & had a good time too, the best of both.

I got a little checkerboard crazy, that alone was fun!

Good fun & so satisfying to see it completed.

Sunday, February 7, 2016

HH Baby Boy Quilt Commission Summer 2015, 2nd BQ commission by Denise

Done using a commercial panel called Urban Zoology. Really fun motifs, I thoroughly enjoyed working on this.

 photo f6b249b2-9492-47d9-8d5f-f4d19eb78315_zpsvsmaconc.jpg

  photo P1120031_zps0qqgsuyz.jpg

Individual blocks, fabrics were charming & good fun.

 photo P1120033_zpsxfqvgllk.jpg  

 photo P1120093_zpsib9q6bvr.jpg


 photo P1120094_zpslkmsibpp.jpg


 photo P1120089_zpssg6hk5fu.jpg

A corner inscription block, deliberately askew.

 photo P1120034_zpstwipib3n.jpg

A view of the back, a fun fabric, spotted in the shop by a friend.

 photo P1120164_zpsprxjylle.jpg

On a park bench outside in natural light.

 photo P1120171_zpsoaqeraoc.jpg 

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Persistent Paisley Plum

These were fabrics I saw several years ago & they seemed to really want to go together. I looked at them & made mental note, but they seemed insistent & wanted me to work on them, designing & assembling this top, even though I have at least 6 other existing quilt tops I could be working on. Here it is, finally finished. Simple quilting, really just to accentuate the patterned piece work.  photo P1110435_zps2838d81a.jpg More detail  photo P1110437_zps82791173.jpg  photo P1110200_zpsa5a4d7dd.jpg Hard to see, but the black background has a small polka dot design. The black fabric printed in small paisley design is what got me started with this Quilt’s design. This print reminded me of challis, a lovely fabric often used in dresses & skirts because of its particular weight & nice drape. Makes for lovely skirts with a swoopy kind of movement to the fabric as one moves around and the fabric moves, it hangs so beautifully. They’re often printed in paisley & I recall wanting a skirt made of it which would move so gracefully. (Happily, I did find one.)  photo P1110196_zps03bb1d01.jpg Some of these lovely prints.  photo P1110197_zpse8801dc7.jpg Now for some of the green  photo P1110194_zps123db199.jpg  photo P1110198_zps1d075208.jpg Again overall  photo P1110195_zps9cc2f056.jpg1

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Baby Quilt Commission 2009 (Kara's quilt)

It was recently suggested to me by the woman who gave me my first baby quilt commission (thanks Denise) that I should post it here on my Quilt Blog since (as she said) it came out so nicely. She asked if I kept pictures of it, as other than one photo with the baby wrapped in the quilt, she had no pictures of it. Happily, I did take pix & kept them, primarily to document the work for myself. Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000328.jpg This was an interesting design exercise as I used some commercial fabric panels of animals (the animals were suggested by my friend Denise who commissioned it, as the girl's family lives on a farm) & then added some striped fabrics around individual blocks of patterns & tried to color it in ways that would make it more girl-friendly. Here it's shown slung over a bench at a park in front of my home. Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000383.jpg Different views to show the individual blocks and the quilting I chose to do. Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000309.jpg Frogs & monkeys & bunnies & kittens, very little kid creatures, they all seem so cheery & kid friendly. Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000302.jpg Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000301.jpg Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000384.jpg The whole thing again, after first laundering, I love how crinkly it gets after washing & drying! Completed Baby Quilt photo P1000393.jpg The final view is of the back; I did the bindings to match so they just disappear into the background & let the animal themed panels of fabric be the star attractions. completed Baby Quilt photo P1000379.jpg