Saturday, October 4, 2014

Persistent Paisley Plum

These were fabrics I saw several years ago & they seemed to really want to go together. I looked at them & made mental note, but they seemed insistent & wanted me to work on them, designing & assembling this top, even though I have at least 6 other existing quilt tops I could be working on.  photo P1110200_zpsa5a4d7dd.jpg Hard to see, but the black background has a small polka dot design. The black fabric printed in small paisley design is what got me started with this Quilt’s design. This print reminded me of challis, a lovely fabric often used in dresses & skirts because of its particular weight & nice drape. Makes for lovely skirts with a swoopy kind of movement to the fabric as one moves around and the fabric moves, it hangs so beautifully. They’re often printed in paisley & I recall wanting a skirt made of it which would move so gracefully. (Happily, I did find one.)  photo P1110196_zps03bb1d01.jpg Some of these lovely prints.  photo P1110197_zpse8801dc7.jpg Now for some of the green  photo P1110194_zps123db199.jpg  photo P1110198_zps1d075208.jpg Again overall  photo P1110195_zps9cc2f056.jpg1

Monday, June 16, 2014

Assembling Donated Quilt Blocks for a Charity Quilt (Karla's Blocks)

Someone donated these blocks to my Quilt Guild & I was asked to assemble them. So I wanted to do justice to these beautifully colored & wonderfully laid out blocks. Initially, I'd picked an off-white to try as border & sashing, but it washed everything out & the group voted it out. Then I saw the light green.  photo P1100870_zpse6f3301e.jpg Some of these are Kaffe Fassett fabrics, a bit too bright for me. I auditioned yellow, orange, peach as the inner border, but they were just too loud for me. I hope / feel my choice of turquoise pulls it together well. I think the Maker here has a great color sense (I've since learned her name is Karla). I really admire how she could make such beautifully blended & harmonious arrangements of such intense, bright colors.  photo P1100872_zps1215a02a.jpg  photo P1100871_zpsa87946c5.jpg Sometimes charity work allows one to work on really special work by others, a terrific experience all around. I had good fun, learned a lot & feel I did great service to these wonderful blocks.  photo P1100877_zps28e73c38.jpg A fellow quilter at a Quilting forum said the following: " I love when people post pictures and I get to see quilts I would never have dreamed of and yet they are wonderful." That's pretty much how I feel, I really got a kick out of working in colors & patterns which I would have never have chosen on my own. I’ve since learned we’ll be able to have this top long-arm quilted by another of our Guild members & that it’ll be backed with the same light green as the borders. I’m so pleased; I look forward to seeing it completed in the Fall.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Depression Block Quilts, My Latest Passion Continues to Fascinate

This is a top I've recently finished piecing, I'm utterly smitten with these particular fabrics. A collection of fabrics I've accumulated in recent years; wonderful play with such fun and interesting patterns.  photo P1100767_zps10aae697.jpg

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Depression Blogs Should Come with a Warning Label -- Can be Addictive

Here's my latest fascination: this sample block, a Motif called Depression Block, simple but so very effective.  photo P1100660_zpsecad6fe7.jpg I had these lovely charm squares in vibrant prints. Seemed like it'd be nice. Against the white it's so crisp & with a subtle directional, white-on-white provides a sharp contrast.  photo P1100639_zpsdd645297.jpg I used a sheer white fabric with it that I'd found & layered it with a sheet of fusible interfacing between the layers to give it more stability. Such fun!  photo P1100638_zps51410805.jpg And on the back, I took a chance to play a little bit more.  photo P1100636_zpscc94764b.jpg

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Recent Charity Work - Doll Quilts

These several doll quilts were interesting to make from orphan blocks & bits of samplers.  photo P1100429_zps1b444ddb.jpg  photo P1100430_zpsbf024610.jpg and the Back:  photo P1100431_zps77ceb7bb.jpg Doing these can be fast & fun & make for small lessons of their own in the process.  photo P1100435_zps22ca9776.jpg These quilt blocks were made from what I chose to call 'unfortunately colored' charms squares which came my way some how or another. While the colors are questionable, the way they're laid out, there's enough color contrast to play up the graphic quality of this particular design. On the reverse, a bit of piecing.  photo P1100434_zps843334ee.jpg

Monday, August 12, 2013

Nice, bright shot, Original work 'Romantic Florals Old & New'

I recently received this picture, photo by JoAnn Gatch, in great natural light.  photo df3dbb80-249d-41ac-8e70-acb1216a6347_zps01bf8a33.jpg

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Here's the latest Charity project I've made to donate through my Guild (Empire Quilters Guild in NYC). The fabrics were all donated to the Guild and these fabrics seemed to want to go together. This is called Romantic Florals, Old and New.  photo P1090350_zpse871b3f0.jpg The center panel is composed of a group of 6 1/2” squares which I cut by rotary cutter and candlelight, after Hurricane Sandy. In my apartment which had no heat, nor electricity and I’d come home from work and find it was still early, maybe 7- 8:00 PM. So since I wasn’t going to bed that early, what to do? Listening to the transistor radio, I started looking at these fabrics and seeing how well they all went together. So I cut a few squares of each of several floral prints. Over the weekends when I was able to be home during the day, I starting playing around with the resultant 25 squares and changing their arrangement.  photo P1090351_zps0a0c6989.jpg Here are some shots of it on my own King sized bed which. I wanted to show the whole thing, on a bed.  photo P1090345_zps173449f5.jpg When I heard at the Guild that larger sized quilts were needed, large than lap sized, I decided to grow this quilt larger and began making a border comprised of blocks made from 1/2 square triangles and 1/4 square triangles to surround the center panel. Added some corner squares for good measure. From another angle:  photo P1090346_zps10d0958c.jpg Then to grow it further I added another couple of rows, top and bottom using a setting of Roman Rail. After speaking with several of the more experienced Quilters in my Guild, on the Service Committee, I'd learned some recommended bed quilt sizes and suggested border sizes. Then consulted with them further on setting more corner squares.  photo P1090344_zps6f5c376c.jpg I've donated this top asking that it be long-arm quilted (rather than tied); I hope to post pictures of it when complete.