Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fuschia Liberty & Shirting Friends

These fabrics were given to me at my Quilt Guild by the Service Committee, asking that I do something with them.

This first group is shirtings

The central block here is a Liberty of London print, a finer gauge woven of lighter weight, more finely woven cotton fabric than the Shirtings.

I don’t know that other folks would even Quilt with these materials. But they're donated to our Guild, so recognizing how fortunate that is, I am grateful.

Trying out various arrangements against a Mocha colored piece of Kona cotton.

The Featured Print this Fuchsia colored Liberty print with this cream colored pigment printed overlay.  It's a complex fabric with a woven Indian Madras-type plaid, intensely colored, finely woven cotton.

Just moving the fabrics around, getting used to seeing them together.

In hindsight, after this quilt is done, I can see this kind of design exploration play led me to the checkerboard border around this quilt.

For me, this kind of play is always useful & constructive.

Again, moving things around in the border by sections, I came upon a nice arrangement which transitioned smoothly from one group of colors to another & moved the Viewer's eye around the perimeter of the Quilt.

Next, the back, pieced from a lovely blue print a quilting colleague shared with me, seeing how much better it blended with my project than hers, she offered me the fabric.

Pieced together around a block of the Featured Print from the front, with some more checkerboard for good measure; once I made it I liked it & found it fun to use & see.

Here is the Quilt in final form after bindings were put on.  I am very satisfied with this Quilt & how it came out.  I learned a lot doing it & had a good time too, the best of both.

I got a little checkerboard crazy, that alone was fun!

Good fun & so satisfying to see it completed.