Sunday, February 1, 2015

Persistent Paisley Plum

These were fabrics I saw several years ago & they seemed to really want to go together. I looked at them & made mental note, but they seemed insistent & wanted me to work on them, designing & assembling this top, even though I have at least 6 other existing quilt tops I could be working on. Here it is, finally finished. Simple quilting, really just to accentuate the patterned piece work.  photo P1110435_zps2838d81a.jpg More detail  photo P1110437_zps82791173.jpg  photo P1110200_zpsa5a4d7dd.jpg Hard to see, but the black background has a small polka dot design. The black fabric printed in small paisley design is what got me started with this Quilt’s design. This print reminded me of challis, a lovely fabric often used in dresses & skirts because of its particular weight & nice drape. Makes for lovely skirts with a swoopy kind of movement to the fabric as one moves around and the fabric moves, it hangs so beautifully. They’re often printed in paisley & I recall wanting a skirt made of it which would move so gracefully. (Happily, I did find one.)  photo P1110196_zps03bb1d01.jpg Some of these lovely prints.  photo P1110197_zpse8801dc7.jpg Now for some of the green  photo P1110194_zps123db199.jpg  photo P1110198_zps1d075208.jpg Again overall  photo P1110195_zps9cc2f056.jpg1

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