Friday, February 6, 2009

A Couple of Very Oldie but Goodies

These two quilts are much older; early enough in my learning to quilt that they each have a poly/cotton blend in them: since I don't wash these that never mattered.

This first one, Banners on Point (the gray is the poly/cotton) is the first setting on point that I'd done, was interesting. There's also a mistake or fudging in here as I ran out of one color and had to use a close substitute. I reminded myself that in the weaving of Persian rugs it is said that one mistake is always made deliberately as only G_d is perfect.

In this one called Rhythmic Stripes, I really like the appearance of movement or rhythm created by the juxtaposition of the direction of the stripes. Funny how things work out, this one is badly sewn, but I think quite effective in its coloration and movement; yields something of a bright and happy effect.

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