Saturday, February 4, 2012

Indonesian Jazz Hands - color study

I'd taken a class in design and color with Davida Hyland and she assigned us to make four different color schemes working with only 4" squares of color (in 2008?).

So this scheme was for contrasting colors, but in colors which I didn't usually use; get ready for brights!

Indonesian Jazz Hands front, Color Study for Davida  Hyland's color class at City Quilter

When I first quilted these circles I sensed something Indian, Sanscrit; I don't know if it was the shapes or colors or the combination of both, but I liked it.

Some details of the front:

Indonesian Jazz Hands front motif, for lack of a compass

Indonesian Jazz Hands front detail, I used a salad plate to make these circles

The back

Indonesian Jazz Hands Back, title refers to this print up close

the back ended up much more fun sewing and quilting

Indonesian Jazz Hands rear corner upper

I couldn't find a compass at home at the time, I used a salad plate for the larger circles and the top of a spice jar for the smaller; shapes traced onto the quilt in chalk and machine quilted.

Indonesian Jazz Hands rear edge detail

like doodling with one's sewing machine

Indonesian Jazz Hands rear detail

Good Fun!

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