Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Techo quilting & more

Descending Echoes, full front, by Karen Sternberg, sending to City Quilter, for Williams Show (2nd of 3 submissions)

I documented this last year prior to entering these 2 pieces in a show, called "Urban Inspirations" 2011, last March as I wanted to document some of this work BEFORE it was shown. Just didn't get around to finalizing this for the blog, so here goes.

"This type of stitching effect I sometimes do where you really only see the resultant texture in the fabric since the thread color matches the fabric. I guess I'll do it here on Forum first. This tone-on-tone echo quilting, I think of it as 'techo quilting'."

Descending Echoes, More stitching/quilting detail;

another area of detail:

Descending Echoes, quilting detail

a more overall shot of this type of detail

Descending Echoes, stitching detail, tone on tone stiching; love the effect

And the 2nd entry

A twin bed quilt I made for my Mother, this her 80th Year (this photo only, credit to Tahli de Courcy at The City Quilter):

photo by Tahli de Courcy, at City Quilter, back room

As you can see it's a Disappearing Nine Patch, which pattern I find really great.

w/ back corner turned up

Here on my bed while Mom was in the Hospital, I had to wait a few months after the Mother's Day I'd originally planned to give it to her, was more like Summer I think it ended up. She just loved it as I knew she would; and in our colors too (blues & greens).

turned up on my bed, keeping it warm & appreciated on my bed while Mom was in Hospital

This was my first experience sending out to a long arm quilter ("LA"). Bill Magargal seamed the backing for me, backed & LA quilted it, made the bindings & bound it. I think he did a spectacular job!

Long view still outside, shot in the sun in Bryant Park

These next couple of shots were an interesting discovery. I took the photos outside in a sunny park, on the grass, it really made it look very 3d:

I love the swirl motif, just flows across the entire surface.

Quilting CloseUp, oddly shaded for shot out in sun

I'm so fortunate to have found Bill with whom to collaborate. He's both a long-arm quilter for my LQS (1 one of 2 they use & recommend) & the father-in-law of my oral surgeon. How small a world is that???

LA Quilting by Bill Magargal, Fellow PCT&S Alum, class of '69

Look how three-dimensional this looks (shot in sunlight in late afternoon in a park)

very close up, still out in the sun

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