Friday, October 28, 2016

Radical Pink

Radical Pink, squares playing with gingham check

Sometimes fabrics end up together as sheer happenstance.  It’s up to us to notice these happy accidents & make good use of them. 

I was coming home from a Quilter’s Guild meeting with a fresh collection of scraps.  One fabric literally fell on top of another & I noticed it & admired the combination.  It was a light gray blue & pink paisley print which fell on top of a pink & white gingham check.  These looked so nice together & I liked the squares motif in combination with a gingham check (a woven).

Sometimes fabrics let you know clearly when they wish to play together; so I tend to give this type of design play wide berth.  It’s invariably productive, even if I don’t know where it’s going at the time.

The backing fabric is this beautifully muted pastel wash. At first I thought it a garish print, but after working with it I’d come to realize it was a wonderfully modulated piece. 

Finished off with my favorite binding a reversible one.  This one is a tiny purple print on the front & turquoise blue print on the backside’s binding.

Let’s see if I can post a picture which shows the binding’s two sides.

Turned out to be a nice experiment, I enjoyed it more than I expected.

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