Wednesday, January 25, 2017

for Irina - Pastel Baby Quilt

I recently made this from some fabrics I've collected & some other bits & pieces that have come my way.  Was obsessing over this pattern called Disappearing 9 Patch.

indoor light

It's in the geometry & in the particular placement of the colors & patterns, cutting & then rearranging them further.  A simple layout resulting in a more complex looking pattern. Doing it in varied fabrics & patterns yields quite different results.  

newly assembled


more detail

a peek at the back

Outdoor light after a snowstorm

caught by the breeze ...

Out in some sunshine.

I'm pleased with the soft, dusty pastel looks of these colors. Soothing, calm, nice for a baby.

Am so pleased with the results.  Will be giving to a neighbor who has been helpful & kind to me, for his new baby girl.  Thanks Max!

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